Our Services

Every business is exposed to many forms of disaster.  It could be a natural disaster, such as a fire, flood, hurricane or earthquake, or it could be human-related, such as a slip and fall, theft and/or vandalism, or electronic such as hacking or computer fraud. Regardless of what form it takes, adversity can strike at a moment's notice with ramifications that can threaten the very survival of your company.

Because Risk Management International is focused on these issues every day, we can offer you solutions that will reduce your insurance costs, increase your coverage, and enhance your ability to provide a safe work environment.

Our full range of risk management services includes:

  • In-depth analysis of risks and potential financial loss.
  • Evaluation of your current insurance program, including cost, coverage, and service.
  • Preparation of risk management policies and manuals.
  • Feasibility analysis of self-insurance and other risk financing alternatives.
  • Competitive marketing of your insurance program to ensure maximum coverage at the lowest possible cost.
  • Analysis of safety and loss control programs.
  • Review of claims and claim control procedures.
  • Implementation of programs designed to reduce Workers' Compensation costs.
  • Monitoring insurance company performance.
  • Disaster and loss contingency planning.
  • Evaluation of your organization's employee benefits.
  • Due diligence for loans, acquisitions or sales.
  • Develop Risk Transfer Strategies, Insurance Requirements, Hold Harmless, Indemnification, and Contractual Requirements.

At Risk Management International, we enjoy many longstanding relationships built on an understanding of our client's needs and concerns.  To stay apprised of those needs, we believe it is imperative to meet on a regular basis.  In this way, we are able to gauge whether changes in our client's insurance program or risk management approach are needed.  As a result, you can be confident knowing your company's risk management process is the best available.


The Risk Assessment Process

Want to learn whether Risk Management International can save you money and improve your existing risk management program?  Just ask us to compile a Risk Assessment Process (RAP) summary.  There is no charge for this initial consultation and we will propose a fee only if we conclude that our services would be a cost-effective tool for your company.

This unique service allows us to determine when services outside of an existing insurance program can be utilized to transfer, eliminate or minimize risk.  The first step taken by Risk Management International to uncover any possible exposure is to gather information regarding all the insurance coverage and risk management issues facing your company.  We then assess every detail of your coverage and identify the coverage gaps.  We can then determine the most cost effective insurance program for you and to reduce your premium.

When our findings tell us that exposures to loss are best handled through an amended insurance plan, we specify the changes that are necessary to properly write the most comprehensive policy available for the determined budget.  As a result, you can rest assured that every step is being taken to help your company minimize its exposures and reduce its cost.