“Through discussions with Risk Management International concerning the alternatives available to us in the current insurance marketplace, and utilization of RMI’s Risk Assessment Process, we determined that we were overpaying our insurance premiums by as much as $3 million. In addition to realizing significant savings, RMI was also able to broaden our coverage.”

– Key Food Stores


A Letter from Burke Supply Company

“The responsibility of a Risk Management Consultant is to make recommendations that will assist in the protection of assets and thereby reduce the uncertainty of loss in any situation that could occur. Using the above philosophy, our corporation chose Risk Management International as our consulting firm.

As a result of their assessment of our insurance, it was found that we had no flood insurance and no selling price coverage for our stock. At RMI’s recommendation, the coverage was added to our policy. Soon after implementing the additional coverage, my company suffered a major flood loss. Had it not been for the improved insurance coverage, this loss would have forced my company out of business.“

– Philip Berkowitz, President.